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Invest in an "All-In-One" alternative for families!

Are you tired of media being used as a social engineering tool? We believe parents should be the parent, not movie studios and streaming services. Ever feel like you want to do something about it?

MyStreme is brought to you by the power of the crowd

WeGo.One has recruited the marketing team behind The Passion of The Christ, Chronicles of Narnia, The Shack, as well as the media technology team who developed Chick-fil-A's Center Stage,, Clearplay and Walmart’s family-edited movies from Vudu, among many others.


If big-tech won't create what we want, we the people can!

Be an early investor in the first and ONLY fan-created, media solution.

No more endless scrolling on multiple streaming platforms

No more paying for subscriptions you don’t use or agendas you don’t support

No more searching for the remote to skip unwanted scenes

No more weeding through thousands of titles, looking for a needle in a haystack

MyStreme delivers a stack of needles – pinpointed movies and shows – just for you. Scan hundreds of thousands of titles from all the top streaming services in a single interface where you see only what you want, not what you don’t!


MyStreme: It’s Family-Friendly Streaming Powered by AI.

1. LIVE! IN PRIVATE TESTING: First Fan-Created TV App empowering you to take control of the streaming chaos

2. ALL-IN-ONE search of the entire streaming universe, curating all the movies and TV you love, and nothing you don’t

3. PERSONAL BOUNDARIES to “Unsee” scenes inappropriate for your family, powered by Clearplay 

4. SHARE PLAYLISTS with family and friends (Like Spotify for TV)

5. $36 BILLION NICHE MARKET – streaming for underserved family audiences

6. $0.4M ALREADY RAISED – if you are an Accredited Investor, join us and get a temp test code with an option for a voice on the Advisory Council! Crowdfunding offering coming soon!

Like Spotify for video, MyStreme will be the “All-In-One” streaming solution with an Ai-powered TV guide that will have only one agenda – To serve you with everything you love, and nothing you don’t. It’s like having your own personal terminator, but programmed for good.


Your TV recommendation engine isn’t broke - It has an agenda

Ever wonder why your Smart TV is so dumb? Does it actually think you want to see those upsetting movie titles? Do media search engines think you want to repeatedly discover shows you’ve already seen or never want to see at all? No, the search algorithm is not broke. It’s rigged. There's a reason they call it "programming."

Your streaming provider spent billions of dollars creating content they want you to see, and they are not interested in recommending more relevant movie content created by their competition. Furthermore, all of the streaming services are funded from the same sources. None of them are you. Until now!

Fan-obsessed, we’re building an old fashioned TV Guide, but for a new generation of streaming users. We know it needs to be much smarter, one-click easy to use, and made for families with your values.


To create a media revolution that will put the power of choice on every device in every home on earth, streaming everything good you love, honoring all languages and all cultural values, including faith and family.


Patent Secured April 26, 2023

MyStreme acquired a patent (US 10,231,019,B2) and technology which is fundamentally built on new and revolutionary concepts of Aggregation, Curation and Personalization, offering the most comprehensive parental controls system to date.

Patent No. US 10,231,019,B2

Partnership LOI Signed!

Our partnership with Clearplay will provide customized movies and TV shows that will aggregate all your content and revolutionize your family viewing experience with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Apple+, HBO, Paramount+, among others. Watch all the programs you love, without the unnecessary scenes you don't. We've had many questions about the legal and copyright aspects of our technology, so we asked Matt Jarman from Clearplay to explain how we will stay compliant with studio content. Learn more in the following video:


Our process is transparent

You'll get the content you want from all of the subscription services you love. Choose your services, your preferences and curation community, then watch your content how you want to watch it, personalized by Clearplay!


Fan Aggregated. Fan Curated. Fan Approved.

Share playlists or “HypeLists” with friends, family, communities of faith, and others you trust. The prototype for MyStreme V0.1 was previewed last week on our Advisory Council Zoom call. Watch the magic as real Fans reinvent TV in real time…

Imagine media lists curated by the people you trust:

  • Binge-Worthy series liked by your friends
  • Obscure B-films endorsed by your Sci-fi Nerd club
  • Live Sports for your man cave crew
  • Made for Family shows from your community of faith
  • Or create your own HypeList…

And your MyStreme AI will track reviews and ratings you trust – who value what you value – creating a personalized content library tailored just for you. It will be like having your own personalized TV channel.


Everyone Has Boundaries

We honor varied interests, cultures, and values. What’s entertaining for one group may be of little interest, or even offensive for another. What’s entertaining for adults may be inappropriate for children.

Combined with our hyper-curation technologies, never before has this level of personalization been attempted.

In fact, if you can’t find a show that matches your values, MyStreme will create one for you! MyStreme will edit content to your preferences. We call it “Boundaries” because everyone has their own. Imagine watching your favorite dinosaur movie with your whole family, but with a little less violence for the little ones. Just dial it down a bit.

Our Ai player app will offer personalized experiences beyond your imagination.

EVERYONE HAS BOUNDARIES. We believe parents should be the parent. Not movie studios. So, watch everything good you love in one TV app. Enjoy ANYTHING you want with ANYONE you want. Just set your personal Boundaries Bot to skip the “Oh No” scenes. Users will experience content without unwanted sex, language, violence, drugs, nudity and unsolicited agendas.


We’ve already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in crowdfunding for our first round, and soon we’re launching a new campaign on the heels of many exciting MyStreme developments:


  • NEW Pros: High-level media tech and defecting Hollywood executives
  • NEW Partners: Relationships forged for sports, celebrity and tech partnerships
  • NEW Fans: Huge 200K+ database, and 20K+ waitlist members – Hyped for the revolution!


  • NEW FanFlix acquisition (patented fan-centric curation and social media TV)
  • NEW Clearplay partnership (leader in patented family-filtered films and TV)
  • NEW AI TV Patent secured, offering the wonders of artificial intelligence in your streaming, with more patents pending...

Patent No. US 10,231,019,B2 (shown above, on our staging website)

Our proprietary, revolutionary platform scans hundreds of thousands of titles from all the top streaming services, curates and displays your preferred content in a single interface where you see only what you want, not what you don’t.


You are not alone. The domestic market is just a starting place. According to Accenture, 60% of the global population is frustrated and demanding a single login. They want to eliminate managing multiple services. Internationally, content is being pirated and chopped up for multiple languages or for the sake of making it culturally sensitive to various religious beliefs. The world doesn't need another streaming service. We need a better subscription management solution – and an aggregator app.

By 2030, Global streaming is projected as high as $321 billion (MIDiA Research). However, according to Bloomberg, in April 2023 global video streaming projections were reset due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. Grand View Research, Inc. claims these new technologies could grow the market to $416.84 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 21.5% from 2023 to 2030.

With 60% who want to switch platforms, that represents a $192 to $250 billion future opportunity for whoever solves this problem. The vast majority of people are feeling trapped, often paying monthly service fees they rarely use and often dislike.


By 2030, Global streaming is projected as high as $321 billion (MIDiA Research). However, according to Bloomberg, in April 2023 global video streaming projections were reset due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. Grand View Research, Inc. claims these new technologies could grow the market to $416.84 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 21.5% from 2023 to 2030.

At 60%, that represents a $192 to $250 billion future opportunity for whoever solves this problem. The vast majority of people are feeling trapped, often paying monthly service fees they rarely use and often dislike.

THE $36 BILLION PASSION NICHE: In studies to understand what many consumers actually want, 40% expressed a desire to bring back "made for TV" movies they can watch with the whole family. Half of these viewers would either renew previously dropped video subscriptions or pay extra for more family movies. This represents an estimated annual $36 billion in untapped revenue!


Don't just be an investor.

Be an inventor.

Every investor receives ownership and a VOICE in the company. Yes, if TV is going to be the way you want it, we will need to LISTEN to our early investor ideas. Tell us what is important to you. Do you want interactive TV apps for your family game night? Do you want better parental controls? Want a single controller for surround sound and your TV set? How about a remote you can't lose? This is your opportunity to fix your TV experience.

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to democratize entertainment. Got a vision for your own invention or brand partnership channel on our AI TV network? We can work together. We might even co-invest or patent your suggestion. Go to WeGo.One and join our Co-Creation forum on Discord. Ideas are buzzing there.

There are four ways our investors will have a voice to co-create MyStreme with us:

Investors who join the movement early with at least a minimum investment will be given an opportunity to join the WeGo.One Forum. These early advocates and influencers will share their preferences and ideas, which will be shared, scored and evaluated. The strongest of these will be placed into our roadmap for funding and implementation. Yes, our participating investors will be inventors.

There are four ways our investors will have a voice to co-create MyStreme with us:

  • 1) SURVEY DATA: We are currently building our development priorities roadmap based on our investor's expressed interest in specific features or benefits such as "Values," "Price," "Ai TV," "Co-Creation" and "Sports" with an All-in-One streaming service.
  • 2) SOCIAL MEDIA: Join our WeGo.One Discord community for the latest progress and ideation. This is where we can track and align our priorities to our supporters. Learn more at WeGo.One, by clicking on the Co-Create button.
  • 3) INVESTMENT: With the integration of each new feature, we will reach out to fund the next round of requirements. We plan to offer naming rights to incremental versions funded by a single investor or small group. Reach out to us at if you would like to discuss funding a version, feature or channel that particularly interests you.
  • 4) FAN CHANNELS: Like, follow and share content with others, creating curation communities in your own TV network managed by friends and family. "Hype" the content you like.

MyStreme Advisory Council: This is a small community of early investors who can apply to have access via recorded conversations as representatives for our investors. One recent idea arose from our team discussions is the trend toward Social TV. We are currently exploring "FanChannels" that curate libraries of content from sources you trust. What if you could follow the watchlists and favorite movies of your friends, family or even your community influencers or church, for example? This idea came from a member of our Advisory Council.

We have the legal compliance team, we have the technology roadmap, we are building the streaming TV app of the future. Crowdfunded and powered by artificial intelligence, we become part of a DeFi revolution emerging from technology that finally democratizes TV and movie distribution, creating “the people’s intelligent streaming TV service.” We will drive for access to all content on your behalf, abiding under the initial values established by our founding investors:


Fan obsessed: That means you are the boss of us. We take our fans and investors very seriously, involving them at each step of the process, including the creation of the service itself. Ask how you can join the WeGo.One Advisory Council by emailing us at

Disrupt the “No”: We accept no  as a beginning answer. Yet we also believe in asking more questions to find our way to the “yes.” MyStreme’s objectives are neither easy, nor for the faint of heart. Yet they are for the focused of purpose. We know MyStreme is disruptive to current convention. Yet planting good seed begins with tilling the soil and our eye is single to an abundant harvest for everyone’s benefit.  Few things are more pleasant than abundantly pleased customers..

Everyone has boundaries: We believe we all deserve the freedom to act and not to be acted upon, including enabling  parents to parent. Having access to everything good you love should include all viewers, whether watching alone, or with family and friends, knowing that all they see and hear will be within the bounds which they have set.  

Co-creation owns it: Our investor-partners are co-creators, therefore they are advocates for the cause. We believe everyone is created to be a creator, so we dignify our partners, with an offer to join with us in the development of our various properties.

Love is here to serve: Love isn’t love if it’s self serving and oblivious to the needs of others. Love is a value we show by way of service to our customers, fans, partners and investors.

Unity is our superpower: There is power in numbers, especially if those who join us are aligned in the mission, vision and values outlined above. Unity will be our unstoppable force.


BRAND PARTNERSHIPS: Our founders include the inventor of as well as Father-Son Football Night at Chick-fil-A. Yes, we understand brand integration as well as cross-promotion for a sticky community app or channel partnership. If you represent a consumer brand, don't just buy the media. Be the media. Let's talk!


Invest a minimum of $500, and get FREE access to the beta TV app upon launch – planned for a 5-month subscription with your shares.

Invest $1,000 or more for a seat and a voice on the Advisory Council. Crowdfunding coming soon!



  • Your personal TV Bot will use AI to find & deliver more of your favorite content - faster than any human can.
  • Invest in technology that will intuitively make your TV experience way more intelligent.
  • Experience gamified TV streaming experiences that will blow away the industry...

Finally watch more of what you want and stop spending hours searching.


One of our core values is that “We believe parents should be the parent, not movie studios.” You want to raise your own kids, and not leave that to the TV. So, of course, you'll have the option to create "kids" boundaries for time and content restrictions for each member of the family. Your MyStreme TV Bot will be built to sustain your standards on your various screens, giving you peace of heart and mind.

Social Community Curation: One recent idea arose from our team discussions is the trend toward Social TV. We are currently exploring the possibility of creating "Community Channels" that curate libraries of content from sources you trust. What if you could follow the watchlists and favorite movies of your friends, family or even your community influencers or church, for example?


While streaming services are busy making content to entice subscribers, MyStreme is focused completely on bringing you exactly what you want to watch from everything produced.

MyStreme will curate each viewer’s favorite content from everywhere, putting you in the driver seat. From the most popular streaming providers, to live news and sports, and everything in between.

That means the sports you watch (and play), your hobbies, faith, clubs, social media, music, schools, hometown, will all be in one place, right next to your new favorite show or movie we know you’ve been dying to watch.

MyStreme’s AI will narrow and prioritize the programming for each viewer, eliminating the endless search through clutter. All this, so you can enjoy TV with your family again.


MyStreme is a OneDoor Studios company. OneDoor has been changing the way major, studio-level motion pictures are made, giving every day investors a chance to help develop globally released films. After raising over $3 million for multiple film projects, OneDoor is ready to launch another game changing venture, this time, in the world of streaming.

Daniel Brian Cobb

23 time Emmy Award-winning media and marketing technology executive, innovator and patent holder for streaming with Boundaries and AI TV. For over 30 years Daniel consulted for world-class brands: Chick-fil-A, Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Papa John’s and, among the first to offer Paramount Home Video streaming services, and syndicated producer for programming on ABC, NBC as well as CBS.

Founder of DBA Worldwide and BlackWave Digital, board member of foundations, including Missions.Me – Love Has No Limits (1DayLA, 1DayHouston), Make-A-Wish, Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute, Elder at Oakland Church and author of curriculum taught at the University of Michigan: Surfing the BlackWave, Brand Leadership in the Digital Age.

Paul Lauer

Leading the content and curation strategy for MyStreme, Paul Lauer is a production, marketing, and development executive best known as the founder and CEO of Hollywood agency Motive Entertainment and “social impact” agency Elevate Global. Lauer has designed and managed highly successful marketing campaigns, including: the award-winning campaign for Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ ($1 billion revenue worldwide), and over 50 other feature films including Chronicles of Narnia with Disney, Polar Express, Son of God with Fox, Charlotte’s Web and Ben-Hur with Paramount, Rocky Balboa with MGM, Heaven is for Real with Sony, and The Shack with Lionsgate, among others which have generated over $2.6 billion at the box office.

John J. Lee, Jr.

Leading the content licensing, finance and operations, John brings almost five decades of Hollywood distribution experience, as well as relationships with the streaming industry. Author of the primary book used in film schools to teach film finance, The Producer's Business Handbook is in it's 4th Edition. John successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities, and provided business services for 23 studio released motion pictures, TV network series and specials, with global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion.

Robert Ghim

Leading international investor relations and the global roll out strategy, Robert has served as the Head of Strategic Planning for Dongwha Group in South Korea, Managing Director/CEO of Genesis Advisors after being recruited by Lennox Global Financial, and the CEO of iCommunication Dynamics. Over the years, he has had high-level involvement in Mergers and Acquisitions between major corporations, the development of proprietary technology, and the execution of strategic action plans, is fluent in Korean and holds FINRA series 7 and 66 licenses.

Stephen Wollwerth

Stephen is a full service creative developer and marketing expert, as well as a seasoned writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor. His content has been seen all over the world, and includes productions for Fox Sports, National Geographic, and a PBS Docuseries watched by millions.As a MyStreme founder, Stephen produced almost all of its promotional materials in-house, and has been the creative mind behind MyStreme's branding and corporate image.

Jason Brents

Jason was one of the pioneers of crowdfunding for entertainment properties, and continues to oversee all of the entities funded by WeGo.One, developing and producing their in-house properties and connecting MyStreme with various partners, helping set MyStreme on a path toward operational excellence.Jason was integral in connecting the company to some of its most important partners to date, and helped to develop MyStreme's innovative fundraising strategies.

Kevin DeGraaf

Chief Technology Officer: A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Kevin started his career as a software design engineer at Microsoft, Kevin has spearheaded startup tech for movies, entertainment and video streaming as well as DeFi, blockchain. Having experience with entertainment and communication systems, from Viacom to Starcom, among others, Kevin has a two decade history with streaming services securing Paramount licensed content with AxiomTV and

Tyler Harman

Leading the social media, digital advertising, dashboard analytics and platform management, Tyler has Worked with hundreds of leading-edge and early-stage startups in the entertainment industry including RallyRoad, Legion M, OneDoor Studios and WeGo.One to come up with marketing strategies to acquire new customers & investors growing from tiny startups to brands with tens of millions of dollars of company valuations (and in some cases hundreds of millions).

The Impact

You can help to create an absolute game-changer. We like to think of MyStreme as the Spotify of streaming, used by almost everyone and positioned as a staple of our daily lives. Your investment will help bring MyStreme to the world, but especially, to YOU.

Risks & Challenges

Competing with Streaming Giants

All signs point to someone creating a service like MyStreme in the near future. So we know we'll be entering a space with some massive companies, all vying for a piece of a very large pie. That's why we don't plan on making any enemies. We want to give streamers and content creators the majority of each subscription that comes in, and each content provider will be paid based on the actual amount of time spent viewing their content. That way, everyone wins!

Building Something Big

MyStreme has a lot of big ideas. From using AI to curate your recommendations and set your boundaries, to reinventing advertising into something you enjoy, we know how much work it will be to bring everything to life. That's why we've put together a team that has done it before. MyStreme's executive team has created and launched highly-complex streaming platforms within a limited timeframe, and has the experience and expertise to bring this new platform to the world.

The Funding Portal
MyStreme is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering via Wefunder Portal LLC. CRD Number: #283503.

Form C Filing on EDGAR
The Securities and Exchange Commission hosts the official Form C on their EDGAR web site.


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