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Our fans want to have a voice in a movement, powered by the people who fund it. So, we created our own Crowdfund. As seen on Fox News, NBC, CBS, PBS, TheWrap, and ARD, the BBC of Germany, the revolution is powered by Ai, and happening at WeGo.One.

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Pick an entertainment project that excites you at our WeGo.One crowdfunding platform.


Join the team. Invest a minimum of $100 into your project.


Co-Create in the development process, get books and merch, or even monetize your talent.


Share in profits, plus enjoy perks such as your name in the credits on the big screen, or be an extra.


Never be in the dark. Receive weekly updates from the producers.


We acquire motion picture projects, then green light and package them together for fans to invest in.


Watch your investment working from the scripting process, all the way to the day it hits theaters or streaming platforms. Join our Ai powered Co-Creation community on Discord to watch or participate in the development process. This is a first!


Investors receive returns twice.
1. Just before the film goes into production, investors receive back their initial investment plus a percentage.
2. Investors share profits in perpetuity of their chosen project.


Every project has a philanthropic partner, and the producers give 25% of their profits to that project. Ending human trafficking or keeping kids out of poverty, Investors will know that their investment does so much more than just make films.



I love movies, and I like the fact that I played a part in the making of these sequels no matter how small of an investment it is. Above all Onedoor's team transparency and work ethic is really why I continued to invest after Calculated. Great team.

Alexander Cardenas

I invest because I love the stories, and I believe in the Calculated franchise. THANKS for making investing in actual competitive films a reality for people, like me, who otherwise wouldnt have an opportunity to invest and think & dream BIG!

Darlene Jones

I believe these movies will be making my family happy for a long time, and I love you guys!

Allen Hallowell

Fantastic team. Fantastic stories. Fantastic strategy.

Jonathan Tanner
Founder & Father

I am investing in the 'Calculated' sequels because they are riveting.  I am most impressed with the One Door Studios team of Stephen, John, and Jay. These are men of integrity and faith. They are intensely committed to their mission - to transform McBee's novels into compelling movies. Movies that will impact generations. The famed screenwriter Ann Peacock has accepted this challenge. And, with God continuing to lead them and blessing their efforts, I am excited to see what they produce.

Terri O'Reilly
Lead Investor who invested $26,000 between Calculated and its Sequels

Leadership Team

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