Jason Brents

Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Jason’s awareness of the power of great stories to inspire and enable their viewers and readers drove him to study epic stories from as early as he could watch and read them...


In 2015, Jason began to lay the foundation of the mini-studio which would eventually become OneDoor Studios. He astutely applied his lifetime of studying and acquiring great world literature, researching and becoming deeply oriented in the business of global motion picture and series development, production, financing and distribution, as well as engaging relationships with bright key-entertainment industry players.

In July 2018, Jason founded OneDoor Studios with his friend and partner John Lee; they were joined a year later by their friend and third partner Stephen Wollwerth. Since then Jason has been developing IP for the company, setting up and closing development financing, and setting up OneDoor Studio Entertainment Properties, which may become the first entertainment industry Series Regulation A+ development funding platform. As OneDoor’s President, Jason continues to oversee all of its entities, developing their in-house story properties and connecting OneDoor Studios with its various production partners, which include his and OneDoor’s global community of film industry professionals.

Along with continuing to develop industry partnerships, Jason leads OneDoor’s public development funding, bank production financing and expanding the partners’ overall vision of becoming a mini-studio.

Jason began his career as an educator in 2001 teaching in the Bay Area, CA.
He began his adventures as an entrepreneur in 2005 when he launched his first company flipping real estate properties on the Big Island. This experience in real estate development helped to prepare him for the similarly financed film industry. In 2009 Jason moved his family to China to teach at an international school, instructing some of China’s top international students from over 20 countries in history, government, and philosophy. While in China he continued to mine history and various cultures for rich stories worthy to be developed into successful global motion pictures and series.

Jason continues to enjoy great literature, the beautiful mountains of California, and most of all his wife and five children.

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